Friday, 8 July 2011


I'm going out with my Iraqi friend and his friend from another Arab friend to the badminton meet. I think I actually have friends and socialising!! OMG that's not happened in a very long time... Like a year or something.

The only problem is that my knee is hurting for some unknown reason since yesterday. Maybe because I've been walking very hilly paths or maybe because of my diet. I think I'm eating very healthy but since I don't have any money, I've been eating muesli and sandwiches with only cucumber, lettuce, and mayonnaise. It that healthy? I hope so... :/


  1. Start eating more! I don't think that diet is healthy for someone who is doing a lot of walking. Your knee probably hurts because of the sandals/flipflops. You need some proper shoes to keep from getting an injury. I get back pain every time I walk any distance in my sandals....

  2. I can't afford food! I only have 30p until Monday. To clarify, that's 30 pence. You can't buy much with 30 pence. I have to live with the food I already have.
    And btw I don't wear flipflops to walk a long distance. I wear them when I go to the kitchen and stuff. Jeez, I'm not THAT dumb!

  3. Peanut butter (organic) is a great way to save money....
    Maybe you should get a job at a restaurant. That's what I did when I had no money. I could always get something to eat there.

  4. OMG Peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!!!!!! I wanted to eat it for a while! uuummmmm yum!
    I'll have money on monday. My grandma sent me 40pounds and mum sent me 100 pounds. I should receive them on Monday. I will also be able to open a bank account that day because the INTO centre should give me a bank letter.

  5. I recommend you look for a job catering at the university food service center. They need students for special events to serve and clean up and these occur usually on the weekends so it won't affect your class schedule. I use to do the same job at my university. I got all the plum jobs because I was responsible and organized. This meant I got to eat all the best food (steak, wine, desserts) and to haul loads of expensive goodies home that were going to be tossed. I was paid in cash as well. I literally had so much free beer and soft drinks stuffed into my closet that I could have opened my own pub! Since I knew the full-time staff I could also eat free at any restaurant on campus when my friends were working. I also got into all the football games since I became the private bartender for the President of the university! I worked his private VIP box at the games and his home and got to know all the bigshots at the university as well as important business people and politicians. I recommend you do the same....makes your life easier when you can eat free and get any problem taken care of by your easy access to the big shots!

  6. Slowly though! I think I have enough on my plate for now...