Friday, 30 April 2010

Speech Contest

The teacher put a notice on the wall about the up coming speech contest the other day. From what I read, I got the feeling it was kind of just a "read the script" speech. Maybe that's not true. I don't know what the contest is really like because I didn't participate last year and the year before.

This year, the circumstances are different. If I do it (and possibly win), I could write it in my CV which will make me look like a bright kid. Haha! And maybe I could get a prize if I win! Oooohhh that's exciting!!
I will first write the script and then hand in the application.

Save A Life

There is an Iranian lesbian in England. She will be forced to go back to Iran. But if she does, she will be sentenced to death because homosexuality is illegal there. So, please sign here so save her. all you have to do is write your name and e-mail address.

PLEASE do this. you will be saving a life. :-)
Read the datails first...

To save Kiana Firouz’s life by stopping her deport from UK

英国からの国外追放を阻止してKiana Firouzの命を救うために

Dear Friends

Kiana Firouz, is an Iranian Lesbian whose application for asylum has been turned down by the home office. Her appeal against home office’s decision was dismissed by the adjudicator with baseless grounds. Notwithstanding Home office officially accepted the fact that she is a lesbian within the refusal letter. Please sign the following petition to save her life before it’s too late

イラン人レズビアンのKiana Firouzは、内務省から難民申請を却下されました。内務省の決定に対する彼女の訴えは裁判官によって根拠のない理由から取り下げられました。にもかかわらず内務省は公式には彼女がレズビアンであるという事実を拒絶の通知のなかで認めています。手遅れになる前に、彼女の命を救うため、以下の署名にサインしてください。

Homosexuality in Iran, treated according to the Islamic law, is a sin in the eyes of God and a crime for society. In Islam generally homosexuality is among the worst possible sins you can imagine” (PB).The punishment for lesbianism involving persons who are mature, of sound mind, and consenting, is 100 lashes. If the act is repeated three times and punishment is enforced each time, the death sentence will apply on the fourth occasion. (Articles 127, 129, 130) The ways of proving lesbianism in court are the same as for male homosexuality. (Article 128)




Kiana Firouzさんの件は、LESBIAN CINEMA PARADISEのこちらの記事から知りました。Kianaさんはイランのレズビアン活動家であり、ドキュメンタリー映像作家でもあります。彼女の制作した“Cul de Sac(行き止まり)”という作品がまもなく英国で公開されます。予告編はこちら(はてなで動画検索しても出てきませんでした。YouTube検索ではトップに出てくるのに!)。

Save Kiana Firouz's life by stopping her deport from the UK (April 21, 10)

Kiana Firouz, an Iranian Lesbian, born in 1983 in Tehran-Iran, supported and advocated for the homosexual movement in Iran without considering the dangers that accompanied such a cause. To create awareness she took to making a documentary that showcased the lives of homosexuals in Iran. Unfortunately, some of the documentaries footage fell into the hands of the Iranian Intelligence Services who in turn placed her under surveillance. Unsure of her security in Iran, Firouz managed to leave the country for the UK where she would be able to continue her work and also study.

Kiana Firouzは1983年にテヘランで生まれたイラン人のレズビアンで、イランにおける同性愛ムーブメントを支えつつ提唱してきたが、このような訴訟が随伴する危険を顧みなかった。気づきを生み出すために彼女はイランの同性愛者の生活を紹介するドキュメンタリー映像をつくってきた。不運なことに、作品のなかのいくつかは彼女を監視下に置くイラン情報局の手中に落ちている。イランにおける彼女の安全性に自信がないため、Firouzは自分の仕事と勉強をつづけるためにイギリスへ行こうとした。

Kiana Firouz has sought asylum in the U.K but her application was turned down by the Home Office, despite accepting the fact that she is a lesbian. She accordingly submitted her appeal which was dismissed incredibly by the adjudicator. According to her solicitor’s point of view there is a little chance to grant a permission to appeal against the adjudicator’s decision. It means that she will face with deportation soon.

Kiana Firouzはイギリスに保護を求めたが、内務省は彼女がレズビアンであるという事実を認めたにもかからわず、彼女の申請は却下された。そういったわけで彼女は嘆願書を提出したが、信じられないことにそれは裁判官によって棄却された。彼女の弁護士の視点によると、裁判官の判決に対する訴えに許可を与えるチャンスはほとんどない。つまり、彼女はまもなく強制送還されるという意味だ。

Kiana Firouz still remains in the UK, however her case has been denied by the Home Office. She, nonetheless, is receiving support regarding her situation. She also continues to advocate for the rights of homosexuals in Iran by participating in documentaries. Recently Firouz acted in a documentary about her life and the struggles she faced in Iran.

Kiana Firouzはまだイギリスにとどまっているが、彼女の案件は内務省によって拒絶された。彼女は、にもかかわらず、彼女の境遇を重視する人々からサポートを受けている。また彼女はドキュメンタリー制作に参与することでイランの同性愛者たちの権利擁護をつづけている。最近のFirouzは、彼女の人生とイランで直面した葛藤に関するドキュメンタリー映画に出演した。

Kiana Firouz stated on an interview that: “In my opinion, the film potentially falls into the genre of docudrama. It was important to me as an Iranian lesbian to play a role like this. I believe the best way to enlighten people is to raise public awareness through free media, and film is the most powerful medium that can share the difficulties that all Iranian lesbians are experiencing. I strongly believe this film will touch everyone.”

Kiana Firouzはインタビューでこう話している。「私の意見ですが、映画はドキュメンタリードラマのジャンルに陥る可能性があります。イラン人レズビアンがこのような役を演じることは私にとって重要でした。ひとびとを啓発するもっともよい方法は、自由なメディアを通じて社会の気づきを高めることだと信じていますし、なかでも映画は、すべてのイラン人レズビアンが経験している困難を共有できる、もっともパワフルなメディアです。この映画はすべてのひとたちの心に触れると強く信じています」

She asked all Iranian queer supporters to help her. "I have recently played a role in a feature film called “Cul de Sac” which is mainly based on my real life story. The movie is scheduled to be screened in May 2010. The trailer of the movie had been published on You Tube since December 2009. It was watched by more than ten thousand viewers just in the first four days. The film’ news was covered by the international Media world wide specifically by the opposition those are under severe surveillance of the Iranian authority. The movie contains sexual scenes which itself would be subject to death punishment if I return to Iran. Now, the only hope remains for me is LGBT’s supporters."

彼女はイラン全国のクィアサポーターに助けを求めています。「私は最近、主に私の実人生に基づいた“Cul de Sac” (行き止まり)という映画に出演しました。この映画は2010年5月に上映される予定です。2009年12月からYou Tubeに予告編がアップされました。最初の4日間で10万人以上のひとたちが観ています。この映画のニュースは国際的なメディアによって世界的に広まっています、特にイラン当局の厳格な監視下にある反対勢力によって。映画には性的なシーンがあり、もし私がイランに戻ったら死刑に処される証拠となります。いまや私に残された唯一の希望はLGBTサポーターたちだけです」

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Learning English

I had to do this today in the "after school class."
This is what you have to solve in order to show everyone you can use English. I think it is simply RIDICULOUS.

Choose the correct ending to this sentence:

I do not understand
a) why Mother should object to my playing the piano.
b) why Mother tries to discourage me to play the piano.
c) why Mother opposes to the idea of my playing the piano.
d) why Mother should disagree to me in my plan to play the piano.


Here's a vid from The L Word. Tasha (who is in the US Army) and Alice are talking about Iraq war and the US army. The scene before that was about people wearing t-shirts with war related quotes and so Tasha is pissed off.

I don't know how accurate this scene is but there are things only people who are actually in the army know.

I think life in the Roman days was a nightmare. If I had a time machine and was taken to that time and place, I would probably just kill myself. But maybe if it was trouble all the time since you were born, you get used to it. I don't know. I'm lucky to be living in a peaceful time and place. (although there are some difficulties... Stress and pressure)

And there are things so fight for. Like this...

Transgender student attacked in campus restroom, “it” carved into chest

A transgender student was attacked in a campus bathroom on the California State University, Long Beach campus. The attacked reportedly carved the word “it” into his chest with a knife.

On April 15, 2010, a 27-year old transgendered CSULB student reported that he was attacked in a restroom on the college campus, according to the LA Times.

The suspect addressed the transgendered student by his name. He pulled his shirt over his head and pushed him into a stall. He then used a knife to slashed the victim’s chest. obtained a Facebook posting about the incident:

“A [transgendered] student left class [Thursday] night to go to the bathroom and on the way there was assaulted by someone who knew him by name but whom he didn’t know. He beat him and threw him against a wall then carved “It” on his chest with a knife.”

The attacker fled and the student was taken to a hospital.

Police were able to sketch the suspect based on the information given by the victim (pictured above). Earlier reports claim the police have not said whether the attack was a hate crime.

UPDATE: According to existing reports, police have not confirmed that the incident was a hate crime. These earlier reports do not reference the information about “it” being carved into the victim’s chest.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Be Free

I am so fucking pissed off and stressed out and uncomfortable with all the teachers pushing us with tasks. I CANNOT WAIT TO GET OUT FROM ALL OF THIS.
One teacher says that we have to:
read more books
memorize classic Japanese words that is no longer used which is ridiculous
work harder
and harder
and harder
and harder.
Also he tells us that we will never get into a decent university if we can do this and this and this and this.
I can't help daydreaming about the future when I finally graduate and go to England.

Papa Roach's song Be Free is the best way do describe how much I'm stressed out which goes like this.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired
I wanna be free from this ball and chain
and be free from this life and pain
and be free from this ball and chain
I wanna be free from you.

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Before I forget, I want to write a little about this book. I finished reading in 3 days. It had been sitting on my bookshelf for like more than 3 years. It's by a 15 year old boy. Well no the author is an adult (I think). The boy, Christopher, has a behavior problem but has a perfect memory. He remembers everything he saw and heard. So, he likes to describe all the things in detail so the story is a bit slow. Still, it had a good twist when he started doing detective work for who killed the neighbors dog. He was asking all the neighbors and when he was talking to an old lady, she told him what he didn't know. His mother died a long time ago but according to the lady, turned out to be alive and living in London (He lives in Swindon). He discovers letters from his mum in his dad's bedroom. He was in such a shock that he couldn't move and his father came home and found him there. His dad told him the truth. It was he who killed the dog and mum is still alive living with the neighbor's husband in London. Christopher decides to run away to his mum's house because he thinks his dad is no longer safe to live with for he told a lie. He eventually gets to London (with a lot of trouble) but was taken back after a few days by his mum.

Hmmm.... Guess I'm not very good at describing...

Sunday, 25 April 2010

IELTS Test Report

April 24th. On the 7:28am train to Hongou 3chome. I got lost going to the place but managed to get there on time. I took this near the station.
All the candidates (there were around 80 people in the room) looked over 20 years old. They probably were taking it to go to graduate school.
About the test... well...

One word: Fucked.

I was so nervous that my hands were all sweaty and couldn't do well like the practice test. Listening and speaking were OK but I don't think I will get what I want in reading and writing. :-(

I did listening, reading and writing on 24th and speaking today at a different place. I didn't get lost going to the speaking test because my grandad came with me and the building was right next to the station.

When I finished the test on 24th, I went to Myogadani where my grandparents live. My grandad was waiting for me at the station and because he didn't let me know beforehand, I didn't notice him and neither did he. I went to my grandparents house on my own to find I had left him at the station. He came back after waiting for 2 HOURS!!!! Hope he hasn't got a cold...

My aunt and uncle were with my grandma and my other aunt came at 3:00 and the other uncle at 6:00.

I ate all sort of things that night. Sushi, tempura, Haagen-dazs vanilla ice cream, monaka, chawan-mushi, cream cheese, premium calpis etc. I was full and tired by the time everybody went home at 9:00pm.

This is where the speaking test was taken place. I came up with things I could have said on the train coming back.Many teenage girls were lining up for a model audition. They all looked stupid.

One thing I now know.


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Hottie Alert!!

America Idol runner-up winner Adam Lambert came across my way only the day before yesterday. I don't even remember where or how I found him. Listened to "Whatada Want For Me" and it got me just like that. It was like that when I discovered Avril Lavigne a long time ago.
I downloaded his entire first album "For Your Entertainment" and I'm hooked. (Free download, btw @ Poor singers... they don't get the money they deserve...) I think he has the kind of voice that is for a real singer. Not like a singer who's a singer because they can sing right.

And then I checked out wiki pedia as usual and found out he's kinda scandalous (but in a good way, I think.) Here's what he did...

In November, Lambert performed "For Your Entertainment" at the American Music Awards of 2009. The performance showed Lambert kissing a male keyboardist, grinding a dancer's head against his pelvis, and grabbing the crotch of another. Lambert told Rolling Stone magazine, "Female performers have been doing this for years—pushing the envelope about sexuality—and the minute a man does it, everybody freaks out. We're in 2009—it's time to take risks, be a little more brave, time to open people's eyes and if it offends them, then maybe I'm not for them. My goal was not to piss people off, it was to promote freedom of expression and artistic freedom."[53] In response to his performance, the Parents Television Council, a conservative decency campaigning group,[54] urged viewers to complain to the FCC.[55] The performance, at the end of the show, was broadcast "outside the FCC's usual 6am-10pm time frame prohibiting the broadcast of indecent material".[56] ABC received about 1,500 telephoned complaints and announced he would not perform on Good Morning America on November 25 as planned.[57][58] CBS subsequently invited Lambert to perform instead on The Early Show, on the same date in New York City.[59]

Why can't everybody just chill! Jeez!
Maybe this is one of the steps for gay people to be accepted as normal and I think Adam did was just fine. And I'm not the only one thinking this because people's comments about this goes like this...

God, it's just a kiss it's not that shoking :s


I find this really hot


Awesome performance and kiss!

Sex sells trust me if that was an all girl performance no one would say anything

some ppl need to fuckin chill bout this, so wat if he kissed a dude, ppl who think this is wrong shoul crall up in a hole, die and go to hell

It's amazing how hypocritical people can get.
Okay so lemme get this straight:
1. It's definitely okay to have sex scenes in movies and it's okay to let kids watch it, (oh sure it's a good bio lesson -.-)
2. It's NOT okay for a less than 5 second gay kiss.
Honestly? Which pollutes the brain more? That 5-sec kiss or the 5-min sex-scene?
They honestly do have some kinda messiah complex, don't they. "SAVE THE WORLD, NO HOMO KISSES. BUT KEEP THE SEX SCENES."

These are comments from YouTube on the vid about the gay kiss thing. The ones that have a problem with it are just so sensitive.

Unfair, UnFair, UNFAIR

I found out today that Mr. A is teaching class 2 in our year. Only 2. Why not us too!????????? I thought it's the most unfair thing of all of the unfairs. Shit, I should have gone to class 2.

Check out the real flying dog... lol!

Monday, 19 April 2010

giRL in BeD

OK this one is about the English language.

R and L. That's what Japanese can't pronounce. If someone in my class had to read a part of"The curious incident of the dog in the night-time" (which is the book I started reading yesterday), they would read it like this:

And then I placticed maths for the lest of the morning and...

No, I won't write anymore because it's ridiculous but nobody can pronounce L and R right. I think it's all right as long as it's understandable. From my limited vocabulary, I think the only word they should pronounce right in order to not have and embarrassing experience is "election" and "erection."

B and D. I had trouble when I was little with that one. My grandma suggested that i should think of a bed when I use the letters b and d. I sometimes mess it up when I'm typing on the keyboard like I'm doing now.
I also couldn't write walk(歩く) and run(走る) in Chinese characters for a while for a while. I wonder how Chinese people cope with their language... There must be thousands of letters they have to know!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

My Trip: Bits and pieces

I saw a book about weird signs of the world. The one below wasn't included but this is the best one I've come across. I think it's simple, easy to remember, and funny-the rhyme is appealing (to me anyway).
My Grandma can be described as a big pig lover. I bet she has more than 100 pig stuff around the house.

My Trip: Day to Leave B-on-A

So it was all over. The 2.5 weeks in England went so quickly. We were all busy doing something interesting that we don't do usually. Our taxi to a hotel near Heathrow was supposed to come around 12:30 so we had time to pack and after we finished packing, there was still some time so me and my dad went to a nearby shop to kill time. Here's what it said near the counter:
...The taxi came on time and it was time to say goodbye to Grandma. I gave her a big hug but couldn't say anything because I thought it would make me cry like I always do when we have to go. I couldn't stop the tears when I got to the top of the stairs anyway.
It took about 3 hours to the hotel. We don't usually stay in a hotel before going on the plane. This time, my dad's plane to Bangkok the next day was earlier than me and my mum's. So, we stayed for the night. We watched Frost and Master Chef and other TV programs. I think British TV programs are better than Japan's.
Anyway, the next day on April 3rd, my dad left at 6:00am. Me and my mum left at 11:00am. Mum's suitcase was too heavy and had to transfer some to mine. The journey was pleasant and I was busy watching movies. Oh, the problem was that the girl sitting next to me had smelly feet and she had her foot on the seat. Ugh, everyone who is going on the plane should wash their feet THOROUGHLY.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Dream on, Mister

Today, me and 3 other classmates were called to come and see the head of Tokushin Course. We were nervous of what he was going to say to us because he's a scary kind of guy. We were all saying "did we do anything wrong???" It turned out to be nothing like that. All he wanted to say was "You have to study a lot more if you want to get into Tokyo Univ." Yes, he did know I'm not thinking of going to a univ in Japan. So why did he call me too? Well, he wanted to remind me that there is a possibility that I might change my mind and want to go to univ in Japan. HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is the first ever decision I've made that I'm NOT going to change. Maybe he really thought I was aiming for TU like the other students. Dream on...

Oh yeah, my visit to the teachers room wasn't that bad for I got to see Mr A. <3

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Walking On Thin Ice

Sometimes I feel I'm walking on thin ice. A small failure makes my confidence disappear suddenly. It feels like I'm crap at everything and I'm worthless. I felt like that the other day but luckily recovered quite quickly which is rare for me.

The first class of physics and I couldn't understand a thing of what the teacher was saying. I could only stare at the black board and think "wtf am I going to do... I can't fail now." I knew it was because of the lack of studying because I didn't study AT ALL during spring break. Although I had to study, I couldn't get myself together to do it. However, the next day I thought it's not late to do it all from the start. I'm not under the stress the others are having (it's stressful for me too but that's tiny compared to the others) and there aren't tests coming up yet. So today I made it an All Physics Day. I'm concentrating on Wave which we are doing now. I'm glad to say I've understood the textbook and all I have to do now is practise. It sounds like a small step but I feel I've made a big progress so far.
I am also having trouble with maths and chemistry too but I will try my best to understand.

I need have more self-confidence. At school, friends tell me I'm good at English when I'm down. It sounds to me like I'm shit without English which is completely true so it doesn't cheer me up. It must be easier to be confident if you have something you're good at. Out of school, I'm not good at anything. Knowing this, my confidence is like ice that can break any time.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Note to Sensei

I'm now studying for the IELTS exam I have in 2 weeks' time. Please check my writing on Test2, 3 and 4. It's quite long but I would appreciate it if you do it for me. :-)

I will hand Test2 in tomorrow. These are the questions.
(click photos to enlarge)

Test 2
Task 1
The graph below shows the consumption of fish and some different kinds of meat in a European country between 1979 and 2004.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.
Task 2
Write about the following topic:
Some people believe that there should be fixed punishments for each type of crime. Others, however, argue that the circumstances of individual crime, and the motivation for committing it, should always be taken into account when deciding on the punishment.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.
Test 3
Task 1
The chart below shows information about changes in average house prices in five different cities between 1990 and 2002 compared with the average house prices in 1989.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparison where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.
Task 2
Write about the following topic:
As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an important element of individual wellbeing.
What factors contribute to job satisfaction?
How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.
Test 4
Task 1
The pie charts below show units of electricity production by fuel source in Australia and France in 1980 and 2000.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Task 2
Write about the following topic:
Some people think that universities should provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed in the workplace. Others think that the true function of a university should be to give access to knowledge for its own sake, regardless of whether the course is useful to an employer.
What, in your opinion, should be the main function of a university?
Give reasons for your answer and include and relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

My Trip: Univ of Bath #2

April 1st. We went to Bath AGAIN. We all thought the previous visit was so awful that we should go there again and give it another try. All we were able to do was see another person in International student centre and go in the psychology department. Not a fruitful visit. Once again, Bath didn't meet our satisfaction. BATH WENT DOWN!! BOOOOOOOO! :-(
We went down to town (saw rabbits while going down the hill!) and I went passed the elementary school I went in 2003. My class teacher then is now the headteacher! Isn't it amazing!?

This is a road. But it's not just a road and shops. It's all on a bridge! ...Supposed to be famous for that. There's also a bridge with a prison on it (but not used now) in B-on-A.

My Trip: Shopping again

The following day, March 31st, was the day to go back to B-on-A. Before going back, we went around the town again.

Here's the breakfast at the B&B.

This is Shambles. It's famous because it's very old or something.
My dad was excited to find this. (His name is Duncan.)

I went back to the minster shop because I really wanted this sheep. Awwww :-)

My Trip: York College & Site Seeing

The day after we went to univ of York, we went to York College to find out more about. Although the professor at the Psychology department was a nice person, the woman at the International student centre wasn't informative and some of the most important info that she gave us turned out to be wrong! She said in foundation year, I will have to do all the modules in the science course listed on the brochure.We all thought this is impossible because there were so many of them! However, after asking the man in the college, we found out that in fact, I have to take the social studies course and select a certain number of modules instead of doing it all. That made sense. What a relief! The woman needs to know what's going on...
Apart from that incident, York was all good. As there were students at the college, we got the feeling of what it's like on a usual day there. The building was new and it is right next to a huge Tesco!
Oh, and before we went to the college, we walked around the town to see York Minster. I think it's the biggest minster I've been in to (not that I've been to many minsters!)
Even if it starts POURING, some people can't be bothered to use umbrellas. That's why everyone wears hoodies in England.
I got this at the minster shop for my friend.

Here's the great stained glass of York Minster. Sorry it's not a very good vid. :-(

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Justin Bieber

He got really famous in a very short period of time. At first I had listened to only one of his songs on YouTube and thought it wasn't that big of a deal and people going crazy about him is retarded. My thoughts have changed. I got the chance to hear his entire album "My World" on the way back from the UK. (Yeah, thanks BA!) All of the songs were catchy. I thought it was the kind that can get addictive. Like, the song goes round and round in your head. It's understandable that many people like him so much. And he's still 16! What a life! Wonder what he'll be doing in 20 years time...


I will be taking IELTS on April 24th and 25th and this came today. I need this to take the test.
Fortunately the place to take the test is near my grandparents' house in Tokyo. I'll stay there for the night. It is a very important test for me as I need to submit the score to the universities I apply to.
My mum got this book from Amazon and it arrived yesterday.

Future Comic Writer

I just went and met my friend to give her what I got in England. Nothing much really. Half eaten chocolate fingers, Haribo cola gummies, a Japanese comic she likes translated into English. She's really good at drawing and although not from a publisher she has published some comics herself and sold them at "comic market." She requested the translated comic after I went on the school trip so I got it when I went the other day.
These are the ones she gave me today(well, sold, actually. I paid 500yen for these. Not each, thank goodness). I haven't read them yet... I will in a moment!

Oh I forgot to add...

As I was walking around the lake in Doho Park, I heard a woodpecker pecking. I heard it even though I was listening to my iPod(the usual podcast, you know). I walked towards it to take a vid of it but flew away. Can you see the hole it made on the tree?

Cherry Blossoms

I went and had a vaccination for German measles and measles. Why is it called "German" measles?? Anyway, I was looking at the mother and child leaflet you have to show the doc to get the shot and found this photo. Whoever it is, the baby is ADORABLE!!!

Yeah it's me. :-)

After the injection, I went for a walk as I always do on weekends because I don't get any exercise on weekdays. I walk to Doho park. It takes 1 hour in total.
I took this on the way back. Tsukuba city recently painted the ground with ridiculous paint and it now looks horrible.

This is the path from Doho park to Ninomiya park. Looks very nice. The weather was cloudy when I got out of my house but soon cleared up by the time when I was coming back.
The petals haven't yet fallen enough to grab and throw at the camera though! lol

Thursday, 8 April 2010

My Trip: York University

The day after my cousin and co went back to London, we got on the 6am train to York. It took like 5 hours or more! University of York was the one I was looking forward to the most.

Here's a photo of York Sta.

After dropping our luggage at the B&B, we went to the univ by bus and had lunch at the univ cafe. It was raining (like always) and colder than in Bradford-on-Avon. Duh, it's in the North! The gloomy weather made the campus look gloomy and the first impression was not very good but I shouldn't judge by the weather!!

Anyway, the campus had a very nice (if it's sunny) but inconvenient feature. There were bucks and other birds you would see swimming in the river ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!

Really, there were probably more than 100 birds walking the campus! But it wasn't only birds...
It was a mess.
Unless they get constipation, I wouldn't want to go there! They made a big noise too.

The professor at the Psychology department was very nice and gave us good info and asked me some questions. He said "Go to the university you want to go. Listen to your heart. Good luck."

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The funniest podcast of all time!

You wanna know what the funniest podcast is?
It's "The Planet: The Podcast for L Word Fans!" It'll only make sense if you watch The L Word but it's absolutely hilarious! I was just listening to it as I went on a walk and I literally couldn't stop laughing!!
This episode I was listening to today was published in 26th Feb 2008 and it's the 60th one. I'm writing about it here because it was the first time a girl from Japan left a message and was broadcasted! Well all she said was "I love you Helena(who is a character from the L word) and the podcast is great and I just got fired and KC and Elka (the podcasters) are my English teachers." The message was funny because she kept on saying "I love you Helena" over and over again.

Monday, 5 April 2010

My Trip: Relatives

March 27th.
I went down to the place where my cousin & Co. were staying and walked around with my cousin and his girlfriend to show her the town.

Tithe barn:

River Avon:

We had lunch at a restaurant where a wedding was going on! Hope we didn't disturb them!!

My Trip: Tea and Relatives

March 26th. For lunch, we went to a tea room called The Bridge which chosen as the best tea room in Britain.

My cousin and his girlfriend and Uncle and Aunt came to see us at 8:30pm. It was late so they had dinner in the kitchen and went to the place they were staying.

My Trip: City of Exeter

We stayed at a hotel near the city centre, Jurys Inn. The next day, we walked around the city to see what it's like. (Although we had actually looked at most of the major sites as we had trouble finding the hotel!)
These are the photos I took of the city of Exeter. I thought it was a combination of old and modern. Literally. I mean, the city wall was right in the middle of the shopping centre!!

Area in front of Exeter Cathedral:
Exeter Cathedral. We didn't go inside because we had to pay.
The city wall:

Perhaps this photo will tell you how history is combined in the city:

We took the 3:45 train to go back to Bradford-on-Avon.

My Trip: University of Exeter

March 24th. We went to Exeter on the train. It didn't take very long to get there. That day was the open day so the students studying at the univ took us for an accommodation tour and we saw both catered and self catered accommodation and it was both nice and seemed to be cosy. We went to the International Student Office (My dad had told the office that we're coming and we wanted to look around) and the man there showed us the foundation year building and came with us to the psychology department were the student and the teachers were explaining what they do in the course. A 3rd year student talked to us personally about the course and what she is planning to do in the future.
The staff and the students were all very friendly and helpful and organized that we got a very clear idea of what I will be doing there. Much better than Bath! The fact that the place I do the foundation year and the degree course are in the same campus was good too because I would get a better feeling of the University when I'm doing the foundation year.

(I didn't take many photo's on campus but the view from the accommodation was wonderful!)

My Trip: Bath

The next day, we went to hang around in Bath and see our house that my parents rent out. It had not changed drastically but it didn't feel like where I used to live in 2003. 7 years ago...
This is the view from the house. Can you see Bath Abbey? ...Hmm, maybe not.
And the garden...

After that, me and my mum went to Ruth's house, who lives next door but one and is the owner of Brutus. I couldn't see or hear him bark when I went so I was worried if he was still there because he used to bark at everyone who passes the road. I was relieved to hear him bark after I rang the doorbell. He is old and doesn't move very much. His dog smell has increased too!