Sunday, 28 August 2011

St Ives

On the beach. I love my "I don't care" style. haha:

On the beach with flatmate,Yang.

Eating scones. It was unexpectedly quite delicious. I thought my mum made the best scones but I guess there's more out there.

Me and Nancy.
To my surprise, I had a very nice time! Having someone with me the whole time prevented me from getting depressed about my miserable life!

Don't you just hate... (Part 2)

  • Annoying people who ask what "lol" means when they can simply google it.
  • Annoying people who sends friend requests just because we commented on the same photo.
  • When you discover that although you start talking to someone (J) and think you might be good friends with them, you only have 0.5 things you have in common with them but can't stop talking about really personal stuff that you later regret talking about.
  • The queer person that you thought might be a potential best friend (J) turns out to be COMPLETELY opposite as you are in every single aspect thinkable.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

"Hi, do you believe in God?"

Two girls (in their 20s) came up to me on the way to Tesco today.
I was listening to a podcast and I plugged out one of the earphones so that I could hear her.

" you believe in God?"

"Oh Jesus," I thought. I said "No."

The other girls said, "Do you want to learn about God?"

"..uhhh no."

She went on, "...well, if you want to have a purpose in life....." " may want to know more about Jesus Christ so take this," handing me a card with a phone number.

I said "I'm never going to be interested. I just believe in peace. Byeeee"
 and scooted off.

After doing my shopping, I thought about how I could responded.

" you believe in God?"
"Does God hate gays?"

" you believe in God?"
"God sucks."

"Do you want to learn about God?"
"Yes, do I get paid for believing?"

"...well, if you want to have a purpose in life....."
"If your purpose in life is God, your life is really pretty sad."

 " may want to know more about Jesus Christ so take this,"
"If I ever want to know how to look stupid, I will call you."

Honestly, these people need to wake the fuck up.

What I miss really bad

The time at junior high when I had a best friend who had lots of friends so it felt like I also had friends but in fact they were only her friends. Still, I had loads of fun.
My best friend and I would send pointless emails everyday and talk about pointless stuff and do pointless things. We could be just queer and nobody gave a shit.
Now I give a shit about myself and my best friend is slowly becoming a regular person.
The best time of my life. (Although there were super depressing times.) : 2005-2008

The time I worked at the supermarket for about 3 months with all the nice people. It felt like I was needed. A part of something. I was useful for people. I love the people at Aeon.
The time I felt fulfilled: April-June 2011

Surprisingly (not), I don't miss a single moment of high school.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Don't let the photos fool you

 On the boat to Sidmouth on July 30th with (above) Elaine, Melody (both are classmates) and someone else. (below) someone, Miny(friend), and me.

 Jessie and me @ pizza party. She turned out to be almost gay. (And a self harmer judging from her left arm.)
Summer and me. When we had a picnic outside. Super cold.

Seems like I'm having a healthy social life, huh?
I think so too. But somehow I feel like I don't fit in with any group of friends. I get random friend requests from people who probably know me but I don't know/remember them. And I never hang out with anybody. I just see other people hang out with each other and say Hi if I pass by. I feel just as out of place as I felt in Japan. I'm supposed to be both Japanese and British. But it feels like I'm not welcome in neither countries. I would have thought it would be easier to make friends in the UK as there is more racial diversity. Guess I was mistaken.
Or maybe it's just me. I'm doing it wrong.
Or maybe I'm the kind of person who never has friends.
Or I could just admit that I don't like to be around people if I don't have to. And yet I want some sort of connection. With someone I can open up completely. Like my best friend from Junior High. Like my cram school teacher/nurse/friend. Like nobody at the moment.

Went to Stonehenge/Sailsbury today.

In front of stonehenge with Ryan, my classmate. You can't tell from this photo, but it was raining pretty hard when this was taken.

I also went to Saisbury cathedral. Pretty much the same as other cathedral I've been to, like the one in York. But the one in Sailsbury has the highest steeple in the UK, I think. Too bad I can't post a photo of the cathedral. I don't have a camera and I have to rely on other people to take photos.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I hate dirty kitchens

This morning when i went to the kitchen to have breakfast, i found the place not cleaned up. We each have our day to clean up at the end of the day. Tuesday night was the person who lives next to me. We rarely see her as she mostly spends her time with her friends or in her room.
There were green onion everywhere and the cooker wasn't wiped. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DON'T DO THEIR FUCKING JOB. I know she doesn't use the kitchen much but that doesn't mean she's not responsible for cleaning it up. I was so pissed that I couldn't leave the kitchen until I cleaned it up and was satisfied. (I was 1 minute late for class :P I don't blame her for THAT though!)

This evening we wrote her a letter. My other flatmates were annoyed that her putting her food on other people's space in the fridge. We wrote about that as well. And I also informed her that she doesn't have to boil water before drinking it. It's clean.
The 5 of us signed and slipped the letter under her door.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Cheese on Toast

With congette, mushroom & a tomato.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

My typical dinner

This is what I have for dinner everyday.
Today, the vig combination is:
yellow pepper
and the special guest is egg.

This is like the healthiest vegitarian menu, right?

But it ends up not being enough.
What do I do?

Peanut butter & jelly sandwich!!!!!!            ....mmmm yum.....


I have discovered that when a carrot is kept in the fridge for too long, it gets soft. Still edible though!
Today's lunch: beetroot, carrot+raisins+lemon juice, Tesco's quiche, lemon squash and green tea for later.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Guilty Pleasure....

Peanut butter & jelly sandwich... I ate two of them after having my regular "random veg spaghetti"

I've been feeling really hungry lately.
I wonder why...

Friday, 5 August 2011

mmmm YUM!

I treated myself to a Tesco quiche today. I didn't feel like having spaghetti.

And I got a reply from the doctor about the referral. Basically, he said I should just wait until I can register at the Student Health Centre (SHC) because the process is going to be "very long" (duh) and I'm only registered at the hospital as a temporary patient.
I don't fucking want to wait until September! That was the whole point of going to the hospital!!!

I went to Duryard house and asked the people there if I could register at a hospital now and then register at the SHC in September. She said yes. She also said it isn't necessary to register at the SHC if I don't want to. She told me of a hospital that will take registrations called the Foxhayes surgery. I thought, "OK, fuck SHC, I'll go to this place and register as a long term patient." That's exactly what I did.
I could have registered again at the hospital I went to last week. I should have thought it through. I went to the Foxhayes surgery and it was on the other side of river Exe! It's super inconvenient to go to the other side. The one I went to last week was near the city centre so I could just go and do some shopping as well. The area around Foxhayes is a cosy little neighborhood with some shops and a school. It probably takes 20 minutes to get there. But inconvenience can be compromised to get testosterone....

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tonight's dinner

As I wanted to have dinner in my room, I decided to show off my superb cooking skills!
Bread+cheese+fried mushrooms+fried courgette