Saturday, 30 July 2011

Don't you just hate it when...

  • the university email doesn't work and you can't read/send emails?
  • someone who used washing machine #3 uses dryer#2 instead of #5 when I'm using washing machine #1? (see below)

  • your flatmates don't wash the dishes properly and there's oil left on the plates?
  • your flatmates all of whom are over the age of 20, are unable to maintain a tidy kitchen for a day?
  • you go to Sidmouth and get sunburned?
  • you have fish&chips and grease is literally dripping from the fish?
  • you have one unhealthy meal and you feel sorry for your body for doing so?
  • you have one unhealthy meal and you feel sick?
  • you find yourself alone on the beach when everybody else is having a nice time with their friends?
  • you realise that you don't have real friends?
  • you are constantly choking because of you binder and yet you can't quit wearing it because you don't want your flatmates to know that you have boobs.
  • you find from a facebook post that your cousin is homophobic?
  • your flatmates are glad when they find out that you aren't gay?
  • you want to go to bed but can't because you have to wait for the laundry?
  • chinese students talk really loudly in a language that you don't understand?
  • people know your name but you don't know theirs?
  • you can never remember people's names because they all look the same?
I just want to go to bed.


  1. Most people are boneheads. It's the way of the world....

    Once the proper semester starts and you meet the LGBT student group, things will change. I have a feeling your dance card will be filled every night! I'm pretty sure there are LGBT pubs and clubs all throughout Exeter. You just don't know it.....yet!

  2. there is a gay bar right next to Tesco. I knew the name of the bar, The Vaults, before i came here but i was surprised when i first went to the city because the place was very visible.I thought it was also cute that there are small raindow flags on gay events fliers and gay bars. I tryed to build the courage to have a peek inside but haven't succeeded yet. You know, it's really scary to go there alone...
    AND I have seen like 3 lesbian couples holding hands in the city! Seeing them is heartwarming.

  3. Well, I don't blame you. Going into that bar might be jumping in at the deep end of the pool. You may want to confide in one of the English teachers if you think you can trust them. At least one of them has to be gay so maybe they can help you make some contacts and give you advice. Or you could just talk to one of the lesbian couples. I would look for an older couple in the 50s/60s who can show you the ropes and not take advantage of you. I actually considered taking you to a lesbian bar here in Tokyo but thought maybe it was better if your were a bit older. The ones I looked at on the Internet seemed to be a little too high speed and not very user-friendly. If I was there I would go with you.
    Tomorrow I am off for a one week bike tour to Kansai to see my former Cheergirl students. They are going to show me around Kyoto and Kobe. Then I am off to Tottori-ken for two days and then back to the Noto Hanto where I will hang out for a few days on the beach. Hopefully, I will sweat some weight off while I am at it. I need to stop eating so much!!!

  4. I've seen some photos of inside The Vaults and it looked pretty friendly... but that didn't give me the courage to go inside! But i will go in someday...

    You're on holiday!? Have fun before nightmare starts again!