Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cost of food in the UK

As I got a request about how much food costs, this post will be about it.
Note 1: I buy the cheapest of the cheapest at Tesco. By cheapest, I mean the cost per 100g. So, for example, I could buy cheaper mayonnaise when you just look at the individual prices but you will save money if you look at the price for 100g. It's written in small letters on the price tag.

Note 2: I'm trying to be vegetarian and I don't buy meat. I cannot tell you the prices of meat.

Ok, so here are the food I have bought so far.

fresh milk 2.75 litres?  1.49 pounds
Muesli      2.09
Bananas (more than 10 pieces)     1.15
Bread     0.47
Cucumber (1 long one)   0.80
Yogurt    0.55
Jam    0.29
Lettuce   1.00
Orange squash (Mix with water to drink. squash:water=1:9)   0.28
Mayonnaise   0.93
Salad (prepared mixture of lettuce, carrots, purple cabbage)   0.75
Tomatoes x6     0.95
Cornish Pasty   1.49
Mild Cheddar Cheese   3.45

Other items that I bought are:
Tooth brush x2 @Boots     0.70    (I later found that the ones at Tesco are cheaper 0.10 for 2)
Bath towel (on sale)   11.00    originally 22.00
flip flops   3.99
Lunch (crape,coffee)     4.65   (we ate at the cheapest place we could find.)
mobile phone (cheapest one available)   17.99

There is a Chinese supermarket where you can buy Chinese/Korean/Thai/Japanese/many other Asian countries' products including rice. They sell rice at Tesco as well. I think it's cheaper to buy it in Tesco but I'm not sure.

Hope this helps Vicky! :)

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