Sunday, 3 July 2011

Shopping & exploring.

I went to the city centre with my next door neighbor Pang (Thai girl) and 3 of her friends (1 Thai girl, 2 Chinese girls). It took 40 minutes to get there because we walked slowly but when I came back alone, it only took 20 minutes.
We went to get what we needed and met up again to have lunch (crape, not so nice to be honest). After that, we went to the cathedral that I went last year in April. Lots of people there since it was nice and sunny.
I went and got a note pad so that I can keep track on my money. Other things I bought were:

  1. bath towel

  2. food from Tesco (muesli, milk, bananas, cucumber,yogurt, lettuce, and jam)

  3. flip flops (I've always thought flip flops were cool & everybody's wearing them)

In total, I spent 32.12 pounds and I still have 22.88 pounds. I have a tiny bit of fear of spending money because I barely spend my own money. (I like earning it though!) So I got nervous when I went to Tesco and spent 11 pounds but change of currency helped. If it was in yen and at Aeon, I would have panicked and though I'd run out of money.

Anyway, I came back on my own and rested for a while and went outside to make a video of around here. Not exciting but here it is.

I took my PC back to my room and went out for a longer walk around the buildings. There was a Chinese girl alone and her listening skills wasn't good enough to catch what the INTO staff said on the phone. (all students have to move into their accommodation either yesterday or today and if they arrive after17:30, they have to phone the INTO office.) I helped her. I met her later and her room is two houses away from my house.

After helping her, I walked down road away from the city centre. I walked this way because I thought the sea was that way. I later found oout on Google Earth that the sea is in the direction of the city centre. But one good experience was that I got to see a railroad engine.

That was basically what I did one 2nd day at Exeter. Tomorrow is when life really starts. There is going to be an induction programme tomorrow from 9:15 at the INTO building.

BTW it's nearly 10pm and it's finally getting dark! I guess I'm nearer to the North pole than when I'm in Tsukuba!


  1. This is so cool! I envy you! You been there one day and already got loads of girls to hang out with...
    Just be careful with your laptop and other valuables. I wouldn't leave anything of value anywhere unless it is locked up tighter than a drum.

  2. yes I keep important things in my draw with a lock. And the door is always locked. :)