Thursday, 21 July 2011

Not much has been going on really.

I got my PIN number and the bank card for both of my bank accounts. I will be able to withdraw
money from the accounts when the card has been activated which has been done just now. Literally right now. I just got a text message saying that I can withdraw money. :) The money issue is all sorted.

I'm really enjoying the classes. They aren't difficult at all. One of the teachers, Andrea, is very nice. *wink*
We get homeworks everyday. They are mostly photocopies from workbooks so it's sometimes confusing to figure out which paper is for homework and which isn't. Also my class has a essay to write by August 1st. That's the deadline for the 1st draft. We have to write 3 drafts in total. I chose the topic of low employment rate in Japan and everyone got to choose their own topic.
Another assignment is for us to prepare for a 8-10 minute presentation about something. I think I will talk about how Japan has the best preparation for earthquakes (apart for the nuclear thing). But I have to buy PowerPoint before I can start working on the presentation. The Microsoft Office that mum got for my laptop doesn't include PowerPoint because mum thought it wasn't necessary. Obviously that's not true. What kind of university student wouldn't use PowerPoint or some other presentation software? Jeez!

We are having a Song & Story night tonight. Our teacher David Heathfield is a story teller and he's going to tell us some stories from 6pm to 9pm.

Things that bothers me:
  • Flatmates don't put back the dishes.
  • Flatmates talk loud in the corridor after 11:00. (there's a policy that students have to be quite during 11:00pm-7:30am)
  • Some classmates are late for class/never come to class.
  • Some classmates use their mobile phones during class. I don't care what they are using it for, it's annoying.
  • One classmate doesn't listen to the teacher.
  • Some students' pronunciation is so bad that it's super duper hard to understand. I feel sorry for the teachers. And I find it annoying that one of the students is the one who always comes to class late. He is NEVER on time.
  • The fact that I'm such a closet case.

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