Thursday, 21 July 2011

Oh and there's another thing that annoys me... that lots of people studying in Duryard House smoke! AND they leave cigarette ends on the ground! How rude!
It's bad enough for the smoke to stay around the air but ruining this beautiful place with cigarettes? Give me a fucking break! I hate disrespectful people who do shit like that.
It's also not nice to sit next to the guy who smokes in between breaks. It smells really bad. There's another guy who's a heavy smoker but he's considerate enough to eat mint after he smokes so I don't mind that much.

There are a bunch of things that annoys me but it's not like I stress about it.

I'm looking forward to the personal tutorial tomorrow. It's with Andrea who just so happens to be our personal tutor. We each have 10 minutes and Andrea is going to ask us if everything is going fine and if there's anything that's keeping us from our studies.


  1. Andrea? Sounds like a cutie! Hot for teacher?????

    I hate smokers and their filthy habits. Put out a can full of sand for them to put their butts in and make a sign which says, "DON'T BE A BUTTHEAD!". Post it all over the place.

    The storyteller sounds good. I am exploring his website now.

  2. Yeah Andrea teaches writing. She's really cute when she smiles. :) And I love her Irishy sort of accent. She's from liverpool.

    There ARE boxes to put their cigarettes in. They just don't bother.

  3. Typical smokers! IDIOTS!

    I love all of the many different accents you can hear in England! It is something I miss.....of course, that list is huge!

    I haven't actually spoken a word to another person this entire day! Nor have I had a conversation with a normal person (not a student, teacher or wife) for months.....I'm getting crazy!

  4. Aww I feel sorry for you. :(
    Maybe you could start your own blog?