Sunday, 10 July 2011

The flatmates

These are the people I share the kitchen with. I share the kitchen with 5 people; 3 Chinese, 2 Thai.
 Pang(<-HOT) (Thai), me, Husho (Chinese) (not sure about the spelling)
Me, Pai (Thai).
Summer(Chinese), Husho.

We never see the other girl(her room is next to mine). She always hang out with her friends I guess. I hope she comes and mingle with us because we are all very nice. We talked through/listened to Summer when she had a problem with her visa. I think they will be accepting when I tell them that I'm trans... But that won't happen for a while. :/
Us 5 ate dinner together tonight. They all cooked something and they were all very nice. Except for the egg that Pang made which was way too salty!


  1. You lucky, lucky bastard! They are all cuties! Good for you! I never had any cute roommates like that!
    How was the outing with the Arabs?

  2. Here you go:

  3. I waited for them to show up but didn't. I went to the sports centre and what a surprise, everyone was Chinese. I mean, EVERYONE except meand the co-ordinator. WTF!?
    The problem with all these Chineses is that they speak Chinese all the fcuking time and when I went up to some of them, they were like, "why are you talking to us un English? We're having a conversation in Chinese. Shut the fuck up." But they don't really say that. They look at me like that and then ignore me. I had a nice time tho. I'm going out again in 20 mins. I hope people from other nationalities come!