Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Phone situation sorted.

So I went out after my flat mate came back. I successfully got the cheapest mobile phone that was available. 17.99. I borrowed 20p because I only had 17.79. I'm so glad that I can now submit my number to the centre and complete my registration.
My friend bought  lunch boxes at the 1pound shop. There's 6 boxes in one package so she gave 3 of it and I will pay her back. I packed y lunch in the box this morning. :)

yes, it's pink. IT WAS THE CHEAPEST ONE, OK!? lol

It took a while for me to figure out how to use it when I got back because the instructions are so brief. But I eventually was able to save some useful numbers. When we were having dinner, I saved my flat mates' numbers as well.
So I thought this phone was a temporary one until iPhone 5 comes out but now I think I'll keep it until it breaks. Flip phones are cool. I have an ipod touch (that I only use for listening to music) so I guess I kinda look like I have an iPhone. :P

This morning was chaos.
I was told that I had to get to the INTO centre that's located 15 minutes from my room before 9:00 to check my schedule for this week.
Last night, I wondered why I had to go there. I was told that we were going to be taught at the Duryard House. 2 minutes from here.
Nevertheless, I went 45 minutes before 9:00.
I couldn't find my name on the chart.
I asked the lady.
She phoned the person who was in charge.
I had come to the wrong place. I guess I was somehow told the information for the people who are taking another course.
I run back asap.
I was afraid of being late on the first day.

Class starts at 10:00.



  1. It's quite entertaining reading each new installment of your daily adventures....
    Get some photos of the chicks you are hanging out with so I can see how really lucky you are! Hope they are nice!

  2. I'll try to find the opportunity. It's quite annoying to have to need my PC just to take a photo though...