Friday, 29 July 2011

First appointment with GP

After discovering that there's a Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) in Exeter, I decided to give the NHS route a go. To start hormones from the NHS, I first need to get a referral from a GP. So that's why I went to the hospital today.

Last week, I went to a local hospital to make an appointment since I found out that the Student Health Centre will not register me until September. I thought I heard the receptionist saythat my appointment time was "twenty to five" but as I was walking home, I began to think I had misheard her for "twenty to four". I decided to be cautious and go ASAP after class.

So today was the day of the appointment. When my class ended at 3:00, I rushed back to my room to get some documents that I might need. But, of course, the fire alarm was ringing and I couldn't go in to the building! The fire alarm rings so often. It's annoying. 
Anyway, we all waited outside until it stopped. 15 minutes had passed. I packed my stuff and set off. It took 28 minutes to get to the hospital.

I asked the receptionist what the time of my appointment was. It was 4:40. I had 55 minutes to wait. I waited. It felt like 30 minutes.
The doctor was very nice but this was the first time he deals with someone who wants a referral to a GIC. He told me that there are 3-4 people who has had/is going through a sex change. That was nice to hear. He told me he will get in touch with me after he finds out what he has to do. I hope he will call me during next week...


  1. Good plan, Stan! Go through the NHS. I think you will be fine and you will save money for other things. Hope he gets back to you quickly.

    Yesterday, I made a fake news article about A-sensei who is now in England for the Cambridge program. I had told his students that he was in England attending the International Disco Dance Championship as a competitor in the senior division. Many students believed my crazy story and to add realism to it I copied a Daily Telegraph and pasted the fake story about A-sensei in it. I gave it to the Tokushin teachers and they totally freaked out! It looked and sounded very convincing and created quite a panic. They are still trying to figure out if it is true even today!

  2. lol you're really creative... Good thing it's not true. The english teachers from Japan to "study how to teach English" are really embarassing.

  3. Thanks! Now I actually look forward to seeing how the students in his homeroom actually react to it.

    What have the Japanese teachers done? I can think of a multitude of stupidity that they might be involved in.

  4. They haven't done anyting wrong. They just don't look like High school engilsh teachers. More like high school students. I'm embarassed that they call themselves teachers.