Friday, 16 April 2010

Dream on, Mister

Today, me and 3 other classmates were called to come and see the head of Tokushin Course. We were nervous of what he was going to say to us because he's a scary kind of guy. We were all saying "did we do anything wrong???" It turned out to be nothing like that. All he wanted to say was "You have to study a lot more if you want to get into Tokyo Univ." Yes, he did know I'm not thinking of going to a univ in Japan. So why did he call me too? Well, he wanted to remind me that there is a possibility that I might change my mind and want to go to univ in Japan. HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is the first ever decision I've made that I'm NOT going to change. Maybe he really thought I was aiming for TU like the other students. Dream on...

Oh yeah, my visit to the teachers room wasn't that bad for I got to see Mr A. <3

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