Saturday, 10 April 2010

Cherry Blossoms

I went and had a vaccination for German measles and measles. Why is it called "German" measles?? Anyway, I was looking at the mother and child leaflet you have to show the doc to get the shot and found this photo. Whoever it is, the baby is ADORABLE!!!

Yeah it's me. :-)

After the injection, I went for a walk as I always do on weekends because I don't get any exercise on weekdays. I walk to Doho park. It takes 1 hour in total.
I took this on the way back. Tsukuba city recently painted the ground with ridiculous paint and it now looks horrible.

This is the path from Doho park to Ninomiya park. Looks very nice. The weather was cloudy when I got out of my house but soon cleared up by the time when I was coming back.
The petals haven't yet fallen enough to grab and throw at the camera though! lol

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