Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Trip: Univ of Bath #2

April 1st. We went to Bath AGAIN. We all thought the previous visit was so awful that we should go there again and give it another try. All we were able to do was see another person in International student centre and go in the psychology department. Not a fruitful visit. Once again, Bath didn't meet our satisfaction. BATH WENT DOWN!! BOOOOOOOO! :-(
We went down to town (saw rabbits while going down the hill!) and I went passed the elementary school I went in 2003. My class teacher then is now the headteacher! Isn't it amazing!?

This is a road. But it's not just a road and shops. It's all on a bridge! ...Supposed to be famous for that. There's also a bridge with a prison on it (but not used now) in B-on-A.

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