Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Trip: York College & Site Seeing

The day after we went to univ of York, we went to York College to find out more about. Although the professor at the Psychology department was a nice person, the woman at the International student centre wasn't informative and some of the most important info that she gave us turned out to be wrong! She said in foundation year, I will have to do all the modules in the science course listed on the brochure.We all thought this is impossible because there were so many of them! However, after asking the man in the college, we found out that in fact, I have to take the social studies course and select a certain number of modules instead of doing it all. That made sense. What a relief! The woman needs to know what's going on...
Apart from that incident, York was all good. As there were students at the college, we got the feeling of what it's like on a usual day there. The building was new and it is right next to a huge Tesco!
Oh, and before we went to the college, we walked around the town to see York Minster. I think it's the biggest minster I've been in to (not that I've been to many minsters!)
Even if it starts POURING, some people can't be bothered to use umbrellas. That's why everyone wears hoodies in England.
I got this at the minster shop for my friend.

Here's the great stained glass of York Minster. Sorry it's not a very good vid. :-(

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