Sunday, 4 April 2010

My Trip: University of Bath #1

The first university I visited was Bath. Bath is the nearest to Bradford-on-Avon out of the three universities I went to. I got there in about 20 minutes on the taxi. The campus appeared to be nice. This is the sports field.
And this is the Psychology department building. We got there to find out that visitors aren't allowed to go in the building.

Outside the International Students Admission Centre. Although I'm a British citizen, I'm considered as an International student because I've been in Japan for so long and gone through the Japanese education system.

We had an appointment to see the person in charge of the International Students Admissions but when we went to the office, the only person there told us that he was ill and not there. So, she answered our questions and explained the system.
Next, we went to the Foundation Year Office. All International student have to do the foundation year to get used to British education. Anyway, the woman who is in charge there told us that the way to apply will change the year before the year I apply and they can't really give us much confirmed info. She tried to answer our questions but many couldn't be answered.
The first impression was not good. They were not prepared although we made it clear that we will visit.

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