Sunday, 25 April 2010

IELTS Test Report

April 24th. On the 7:28am train to Hongou 3chome. I got lost going to the place but managed to get there on time. I took this near the station.
All the candidates (there were around 80 people in the room) looked over 20 years old. They probably were taking it to go to graduate school.
About the test... well...

One word: Fucked.

I was so nervous that my hands were all sweaty and couldn't do well like the practice test. Listening and speaking were OK but I don't think I will get what I want in reading and writing. :-(

I did listening, reading and writing on 24th and speaking today at a different place. I didn't get lost going to the speaking test because my grandad came with me and the building was right next to the station.

When I finished the test on 24th, I went to Myogadani where my grandparents live. My grandad was waiting for me at the station and because he didn't let me know beforehand, I didn't notice him and neither did he. I went to my grandparents house on my own to find I had left him at the station. He came back after waiting for 2 HOURS!!!! Hope he hasn't got a cold...

My aunt and uncle were with my grandma and my other aunt came at 3:00 and the other uncle at 6:00.

I ate all sort of things that night. Sushi, tempura, Haagen-dazs vanilla ice cream, monaka, chawan-mushi, cream cheese, premium calpis etc. I was full and tired by the time everybody went home at 9:00pm.

This is where the speaking test was taken place. I came up with things I could have said on the train coming back.Many teenage girls were lining up for a model audition. They all looked stupid.

One thing I now know.


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