Thursday, 8 April 2010

My Trip: York University

The day after my cousin and co went back to London, we got on the 6am train to York. It took like 5 hours or more! University of York was the one I was looking forward to the most.

Here's a photo of York Sta.

After dropping our luggage at the B&B, we went to the univ by bus and had lunch at the univ cafe. It was raining (like always) and colder than in Bradford-on-Avon. Duh, it's in the North! The gloomy weather made the campus look gloomy and the first impression was not very good but I shouldn't judge by the weather!!

Anyway, the campus had a very nice (if it's sunny) but inconvenient feature. There were bucks and other birds you would see swimming in the river ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!

Really, there were probably more than 100 birds walking the campus! But it wasn't only birds...
It was a mess.
Unless they get constipation, I wouldn't want to go there! They made a big noise too.

The professor at the Psychology department was very nice and gave us good info and asked me some questions. He said "Go to the university you want to go. Listen to your heart. Good luck."

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