Sunday, 19 June 2011

Movin on

I had dinner with Tsuzuki-san who use to be my class mate. She isn't going to university but is studying in a cram school for the next entrance exam.
We talked about who's in which university and what her class mate at the cram school ask her advice for. I told her how working at Aeon has been an amazing experience and how everything I learned in high school won't compare with what I've learned there. The conversation about who went were was very trivial to me. I really don't care. I didn't even remember half of who she was talking about. Her friend asking what she should text the person she has a crush on? WhatEVER! Doesn't she have something else to worry about?
Waiting an extra year to enter university is just waste of time in my opinion. I'm not even in England and I'm already glad that I'm going. I can't imagine going to a Japanese university. Honestly.

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  1. Yeah, you will find that once you leave here you won't have anything in common with these people. It's like leaving an insane asylum in which all of the patients fail to realize that they are nuts. They will never mature beyond this point unless they get the fuck out and do something useful with their lives.