Thursday, 2 June 2011


There's been a costumer I've seen a couple of times at the supermarket. The first time I saw him was from behind and I thought it was an older man with his granddaughter or something. His hair reminded me of my grandad because it was snow white. But when I saw his face, he wasn't an elderly at all! Probably in his 20s or something. Also his face was extremely pale. I knew it was some kind of medical condition but I couldn't recall the name of it.

Coincidentally, I came across a video about it. Albinism. People who don't have some kind of pigment. At least, that's my understanding. The first few minutes of watching the video, I was like "I think silver blonds look super cool. What's their problem, there's loads of white people with silver blond hair. I saw them in Helsinki airport."
I was greatly mistaken. Albinism isn't only among Caucasians but any races and animals. And they have to apply sunscreen all the time and most people have eye problems. I was amazed when I found out about the African American guy with albinism. No wonder he feels like an outsider. It's like, he's black and white at the same time.
And the eye-twitching thing must be really hard too. The vision would be blurred and I imagine they can't focus on what they want to look at. It must be really annoying and distracting.

I read on Wikipedia (like I always do) that people with albinism are killed in Africa because they are the devil or something. And they face lots of obstacles and uncomfortable things...

....But a part of me still thinks it looks cool. I can't help it. So angel-like.

You can watch the documentary about albinism here.

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