Monday, 27 June 2011

Pre-departure homesickness

Approximately in 4 days and 9hours, I will be leaving this house to the airport. It feels like all my daydreams are finally becoming a reality. Although I'm super excited about it and know that this is one of the best decisions I've made, I still feel sad that I'm leaving my hometown that I've lived my entire life and parting with my mum. This is apparently called "pre-departure homesickness."

Going to the UK isn't a totally new experience for me. I mean, I've already been to Exeter once and I have relatives nearby. I will also be able to see my parents regularly via Skype. I all know this in my head. But my heart still doesn't like parting. I cried yesterday on my own but try to keep a smile when I'm with mum and when we had a farewell party with my relatives from Tokyo. (It was just an excuse to get together but whatever. We got money.)

I experienced "regular" homesickness when I stayed in the UK for 5 months when I was 10 years old. My parents were with me then so I was missing the comfort of my hometown. I cried for a week that time. This time I will miss the comfort of my hometown AND my mum. (not my dad because he hasn't been living here for 3 years because of his work.)

I learned that cure for pre-departure homesickness is to distract yourself from thinking about how sad you will feel when you get on the bus to the airport.

I find myself thinking about how I will cry when getting on the bus when I'm trying to sleep. In the daytime, when I start to feel sad, I do my translation work. My part time job at the supermarket is helping me to be distracted. I watch Shane Dawson videos on YouTube which also keeps me distracted.

Distraction and thinking about what will happen after the tears makes me feel a little bit better. Thanks to Facebook, I've already made friends with a Vietnamese girl and a Georgian boy who will both be studying at INTO University of Exeter. But they will be studying in the Business course. (I'm in the science course.) Anyway, what I want to say is that I have a bright future in front of me. All I have to overcome is parting and the world is my oyster. ...I still don't understand that expression. :P


  1. Wow! You are leaving so soon? What day? Saturday? I have to wok or I would see you off. However, the plane will pass near Nichidai and you can look down and think of all those boneheads that are gonna spend the rest of their sorry lives never knowing that something better is out there.

    Once you get settled in over there you will find that the best days are ahead of you. Think of all those clever, hot babes you are gonna meet! You going to have real conversations with actual people! They will have original ideas and opinions and won't only be interested in manga and ABK48!

    I will come over for a visit whenever I escape from prison! It feels like prison today with finals beginning on Friday and I am still trying to get T2 and T3 tests done!

    Just keep posting so I will know what the fuck you are doing over there!!!!!

  2. I'm taking the 7:00am bus to Narita on July 2nd. Direct flight to Heathrow.

    OF COURSE I'll keep posting! It will be more interesting than ever!!