Friday, 3 June 2011

28 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until I leave this country!!! Super excited!!!
I got my work plan today and I have another 76 hours of work. Which is exciting as well!! (Apart from the fact that I work with the slowest loser ever.) I GET MONEY.

btw guess how much I've saved up?

670,795yen!!! (It's not exactly that... That includes my next month's salary.) That should cover the $8,000 for my top surgery and still leave 186 pounds for hormones. (I love it when a dollar is 80 yen. Currency rate ftw!)


  1. I think you make more money than I do and you have more fun!

  2. I don't think I make more money than you! I earned just over 100,000 yen last month and this month, it will be like 70,000 yen. But I definitely have more fun than you! Ha!

  3. Well, you may have more fun but I get to piss a lot of teachers off and there aint shit they can do about it!