Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bats Sing Mice Giggle Book Review

Using the dictionary a million times, I finally finished reading this book that was given to me from my dad. I wasn't interested when he gave it to me. I mean, who cares if bats sing and mice giggle? Let them sing and giggle. But I needed an English book to prepare for my awesome time in the UK.

This book turned out to be a rather good read. It "upended (<-one of the words I learned from this book)" my perception of the animal kingdom. Bats sing mice giggle is filled with secrets of what animals do to feed, reproduce and entertain themselves. It's not like knowing all this would make a difference in my life but still, it's interesting to know various animals use different means to communicate and measure distances etc. And it's also interesting to know there actually are scientists who do research about all this!
As humans, we think we have advanced technology than any other animal but now that I've read this book, I think animals are thinking the same thing about us!

For instance, it's widely known that bats use ultrasonic waves to locate where the prey is. What I didn't know was how accurate this technology is. The same can be said for the migratory birds/animals. They use the magnetic fields of the earth. Vibration, electric fields, and sound are also used to communicate, locate and as a result, survive.
Animals taste their food just like we do. Some species taste before putting the food in their mouth!
Geese fly in a formation that is energy efficient.
Some males deceive rival males in a very sneaky way to get females.

Those are some of the amazing things that this book has taught me.

I recommend this book because:
it is simply interesting
and there were many words that I didn't know and helped build my vocabulary.

A good experience creates more "loving" and "pleasurable" biochemicals as well as good memories of the person with whom we shared such an experience.

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