Sunday, 12 June 2011

Gay Bashing

I was really glad to watch this video. It seems that, although there is a regional difference, the attitude towards gay families is moving for the positive. I didn't expect that the experiment was done in Texas. My image of Texas was a conservative place where nobody liked gay people! I was completely mistaken!! And I was mistaken that New Yorkers would speak out for justice. :(

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  1. HaHa! No, that's a stereotype of people from the South. I knew lots of homosexuals when I was living there (most of my life) and it was always live and let live. The girls gym coach in high school was a lesbian and she dated the students! Yet, she was at church every Sunday (with the students) and nobody ever said a word! Now, I hear she is the school principal! There was also a gay restaurant that opened and never had a problem. This in a redneck town of 5,000 deep in the bible-belt of Louisiana! One of my friends there was gay and although he was teased a little he was well-liked and was class president!
    The most racist and homophobic people I met were those from the northeast. Really shocking stuff.