Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Trip to Thailand: Day 7

This was my last day. We left the hotel and arrived at the apartment 1:30 and got lunch and McDonald's.
The only exciting thing I did was the fish massage. This was the only ting I had in mind before coming. It's just a tank with a lot of fish in it. You put your feet in it and fish comes to nibble your skin!
It felt WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!
At first, I SCREAMED because it felt weird. It's impossible to describe in words.

After my feet was eaten, we went to a restaurant. when we were walking, I saw an astonishing sight. A baby was lying on a stall while the mum was selling stuff.

This is end of what I did during my trip. However, I have things I want to write about on the things I thought during this trip. Also I will try to post videos but I'm not sure if Blogger will successfully upload them. :-)

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