Friday, 20 August 2010


When I was waiting for the gate to open before the plane going back, I had time to watch TV at the waiting place. I think it was Discovery Channel or something but it was a documentary about religious people in the middle east.
I used to think Middle East=Muslims=Terrorism=SCARY and CRAZY!!!??? Not that I thought ALL Muslims are scary but I had the impression that it's a scary religion.
Anyway, when I was watching the program, a lady said praying so many times a day makes her peaceful.
Then I thought she's totally right. Religion is something that is for creating peace for yourself and others. It started in order to survive through hard times, right?
Terrorists may be religious but that's fake religion. Also people who discriminate against gays and trannies believe in fake religion.

In my opinion, any religion that makes anyone sad or hateful is fucking bullshit!

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  1. That means all religion is bullshit! Someone is always offended by some aspect of a person's religious belief. Avoid the propaganda and sort it out for yourself.