Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Trip to Thailand: Day 2

Slept until 9. There's only 2 hours' time difference so I didn't experience jet lag but I was tired from the journey. I arrived at the apartment my dad is living at 1am.

Because dad had gone to work, I watched Bridget Jones's diary while eating croissant for breakfast.
Just as Behind the Scenes was about to end, dad came home so we went out. He showed me around the city centre and had lunch at a big public kitchen.
Thai food has a lot of different spices so the smell is very strong. It was like this the last time I went to Thailand but the smell made me feel kind of sick. I wasn't really hungry anyway. I only had a spoonful of this:
The kitchen:
After lunch, we went back to the apartment and dad had a nap (he was also tired because he had to pick me up at midnight at the airport) and I worked out in the gym. The apartment is really nice and has a gym and a laundry room!! The work-out I didn't this day was a bit too hard. I suffered from muscle pain for 4 days!
At 4pm,we phoned mum via Skype. After that, we set off to a park and looked at the big lizards that live there.
...and had dinner at an Italian restaurant.
Thai mayonnaise is very sweet.

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