Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Oh, and another thing on Day 5...

The flight of the gibbon has the second longest whizzing thing, according to the instructor. Before we rode on the long one, he explained to us that if I don't make it to the other side, a helicopter will have to rescue me.

From the tree before the long one, we watched the group before us do the long one and one of them couldn't make it. She was left hanging in the middle of the rope. I thought "is a helicopter really going to come!??"
We watched but nothing came. Some minutes later, the lady was gone! The rest of the group safely moved on. I couldn't figure out how she got to the other side.

Now it was our turn to whizz off. The first instructor safely made it to the other side and next was my turn.

I went.
The speed was ok... until just before I got to the other side.
I reached out to the instructor waiting for me but he couldn't reach.
I thought "Oh shit I'm going back...." and went back half way and was left hanging there!
There was nothing I could do. I just thought "what's gonna happen next??" I looked down to see tree tops.
I didn't panic. What good would it do?

A minute later, a heavy backpack (probably filled with water bottles) whizzed down from the other side. The instructor shouted to me to hold on to it. I held on as he pulled me over.

No helicopter came.

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