Thursday, 19 August 2010

Random Photos of the Trip

Everyone loves (of appears to love) the royal family. Wandee, who showed me around the temples, even gave me a t-shirt that says something like "I love the King and Queen" (according to's written in Thai.) This photo was taken in front of a supermarket in Bangkok. According to dad, the photo of the Queen was taken a long time ago and she probably doesn't look like this at all now!!

Dad was fascinated by the sight he saw in the bathroom of the hotel.

Apparently, someone ate Dorian in my dad's office and the smell stayed in the building for a few weeks and this notice was put up!!!!!

I recognized one design in the market. Banksy!! ....No I didn't buy it.

There were so many tattoo shops in Bangkok and dad suggested that I should get a 6 month tattoo at the beach but they only had 1 week tattoos so I didn't. I'll probably get a permanent one when I'm older though! :)

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