Friday, 13 August 2010

Trip to Thailand: Day 4

Woke up at 6:30 and as my dad had gone to work, I watched LOST Season 1 all morning. I got the DVD from the streets. (Ooops, illegal!)

This day was when I did Baipai Thai Cooking school for tourists.

I went outside the apartment and found the van to pick me up had already arrived. A lady was already on the van. We drove (the driver was a staff of Baipai CS) for a while and came to a hotel where a boy joined us. He told me it was his 4th time(!!!!) and that the classes are "quite good." We drove some more and went to another hotel and in came a French couple.

When we arrived at the place, we were given some kind of sweet Thai tea. We went upstairs and introduced ourselves. The lady who was on the van first,Christine, was from Taiwan and (I didn't notice until the assistant asked how many months she was) actually pregnant. The boy, Nicholas, was from Virginia and 15. He was way bigger than me and I thought he was 19!! The French couple, Phillipe and Geraldine, were nice but only talked French between themselves.

It went like this. We sat around the counter and the cook showed us how to make a dish and then we went to the counter which had a strove for each of us. We made a dish and went over to the table and had it and then the cook showed the next menu. When she and the assistant taught us, they also told us what each ingredient was. Now I know that I shouldn't use a dark coloured fish sauce because that one is probably old.

We made 4 dishes which were all VERY nice. Yes, we made curry too. Thai dishes have many spices and herbs and things that I don't remember. I thought it would taste the same to me if one of them were missing but anyway, they were all delicious. My favorite one was rice cracker with stuff on top.

When We were eating the final dis upstairs, it began to rain suddenly!! The strong wind blew away the beam that was holding up the curtain and nearly hit us(see below)! We had to wait for some time for the win and rain to weaken.
The van took Christine first because she was staying at a far place. When Nicholas and I were left in the van, we could see the road was like a little flood. It had only rained for 30 mins so that showed how strong the rain was.
The class was about 4 hours but I was caught in the traffic and couldn't get back until 6. I had a very valuable experience.
This has nothing to do with Baipai but I was looking at the cook book for university students that my mum bought me when we went to the UK in March and I got excited. It looked like fun. :) I can't wait for graduation!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Totally cool thing to do! I would love to go to a class like that to learn to cook Thai food properly. Now I cook Thai and Indian curries using recipes from the internet or from my memory. Too bad it is so hard to get all the fresh vegetables and spices here. I have tried growing coriander and peppers but haven't had much success. You can get anything from anywhere at Tescos in England! There is also no shortage of Indian and Thai restaurants to choose from and they are all non-smoking!!!!!