Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Trip to Thailand: Day 6

Woke up at 9 and dad was already gone so I had a shower and went down to the buffet where dad was reading the newspaper. He told me that the toilets in the hotel is very nice to I should take a photo of it. I went to look and this is what I saw.
Even the toilet roll holder was posh!! The actual toilet was just BIG. I mean, two people could sit on it!
So I took a photo of the throne.
I had breakfast at the buffet here. The white thing in the centre of this pic is the sea!
The hotel was so beautiful. EVERYTHING was very clean and the people were nice. I noticed that Thai people are very nice and friendly. Maybe tourism means a lot for Thailand.
What surprised me was that there were so many Russians. The menu at restaurants were in Thai, English, and Russian! I wonder why Russians like Thailand so much. I love Thailand, too! :)
Example of what is nice about the hotel...

The people there decorated this bowl of water with flower petals EVERYDAY!!! I regret not taking a photo of the day before's bowl because it was more amazing than this. Not that this one doesn't look good...
On day 6, dad went out swimming at the hotel pool and I attempted to do the same. I just sat by the side. I regret that. :(

Spent the afternoon reading and watching Lost until...

Party time!!!
We went on a not-exactly-tuktuk-but-something-like-that-taxi to Pattaya where there are many shops that "healthy" people wouldn't go near.
There were MANY shops like that. Dad told me that it's like that in that area because that's where soldiers from Vietnam war came to play. It's been like that since.
We went in one of the bars and I had Sprite and dad talked with the girls. The lady there challenged me on 4-in-a-row. I lost all games. She must be doing the same thing everyday!
I also played pool for the first time. We played 3 games and I only won the first game. I had fun anyway.

She was a very nice person.
The bar we went to was only one of the many bars.
We looked for a place to eat but couldn't find anywhere nice so went back to lost night's restaurant.
When we were going back to the hotel, we stopped at a "Mango with sticky rice" stall. I love the ones that mum makes but this one was just as nice. Spelling mistake on notice. They do their best. :)


  1. Your dad is totally cool! My dad never took me to bars filled with cute Thai party girls!

  2. Of course he is!! He's MY dad! Haha!