Saturday, 24 September 2011

I'm not.

I got a friend request on facebook from my former class mate the other day. We'd been in the same class for 3 years and I don't remember having a single conversation with him. I accepted his request anyway. According to his profile, he was the one who went to Kyoto University. One of the few students who made the teacher happy. I'm obviously not one of them. But I am extremely relieved that I came to Exeter. Looking at the photos on his facebook, I can see how his life hasn't changed. Like going to university is a mere extent of high school.

He made me think back of my life at high school. How the teacher told me the class was better off without me. How he wanted to me to go the other classes but decided not to remove me because he was considerate of my "situation." How he wanted me to go to a Japanese university because I had been receiving scholarships for three years that I didn't even apply to. How he and the other class teacher talked about absolutely nothing for hours after school. How he was hallucinatory about being a good English teacher when he very clearly wasn't.

I absolutely despise every single aspect of my teacher. Now that I'm getting (or rather, going to get) REAL education, I should be the one laughing now. But I'm not. I'm just living a happy life. And I don't feel sorry for the guy who went to Kyoto university. Nor to another guy who is studying an extra year to get into a decent university. I don't have any negative feelings towards any of my former classmates. They all did what they were expected/wanted/had to do. It's their life. It's just that the teacher should get a fucking life. Or not. He may have looked after me for 2 years, but I'm not thankful for him. At all. And I hope I don't ever hear his voice, talk to him, or hear what he's up to. Because I couldn't care less.


  1. HAHA! You should be laughing! You escaped from this giant cult, the others didn't. They will go on to reproduce more cult members and this place will go on being the laughing stock of Asia.
    K-san is an idiot but so are the rest of them or at least most of them. I am stretched to the limit trying to do the impossible with the incapable and somehow give the students a chance to learn something or at least become interested in learning....
    I need inspiration but all I have is desperation.

  2. Some techniques that the teachers used here were:

    (1)Student A and B asks student C as many questions about student C as possible in 30 seconds. After 30 secs, student C answers the questions that they can remember.

    (2)You give out a paper that has questions like "a type of food you both dislike" "something very expensive you both like to have" and give the students time to move around and go around asking people what food they dislike etc.

    (3) the adverb game... You give out a sheet of paper that has lots of adverbs like, accurately, clumsily, passionately, timidly, wearily etc. You make pieces of paper that has sentenses like "mow the lawn" "hang the laundry" etc. you also cut up the adverbs into small pieces. you shuffle them and pick from each group. Like, "mow the lawn" "superstitiously." A random student comes up and act out the conbined sentence. Like the students has to somehow mow the lawn superstitiously. The students isn't supposed to speak. The other students has to guess what the sentence is. This game was quite fun for us. I don't know if it will work for a class with 40 ppl though.

    (4)Do something...ANYthing INTERACTIVE. not sit and listen. because that's what they do all day. make them move around. AND OPEN THE DAMN WINDOWWWWWWWW