Monday, 26 September 2011

Why I had fun on freshers week day 1 without doing much.

Because I was with someone all the time.
I was with Ivan, Justin, Ryan, (ex-classmates) Miny, Meiko, and Sarah(new friend Miny brought along because she is Korean... same as Miny). It felt like I actually had friends. Like, real friends that I hang out with. Although it's only one day. I don'tknow, maybe we'll stick together tomorrow too. But there's a LGBTQ meet and greet tomorrow so I'll have to detach for a couple of hours. I'm looking forward to it though. Nervous and excited.

The people who moved in to the rooms around me... Well, the first impression isn't so good. There's 1 Chinese guy (ADD-ish), 1 Chinese girl (shy 16 yr old)(They are both very nice), 1 Azerbaijani guy (seemed super shy but the big guy, who turned out to be his cousin, protected him.), 1 Russian girl (looks anorexicly skinny. Doesn't smile or talk unless I talked to her. Came with mum.). There's supposed to be someone next to me but haven't met them yet.
I'm realizing how the previous residents were very sociable. I miss them. :/

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