Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bitching about the new residents

I probably wrote the same exact thing when I first came here with the previous residents but I need to write it again.

I can't imagine why anyone who is older than 15 wouldn't know how to successfully do the dishes and put them on the rack next to the sink. I mean, it's the simplest house hold action. And can't they figure out to put the dry dishes back to the cupboard to make space to put new wet dishes? Don't they have any piece of common sense??????????????? It's astonishing how they don't. Or maybe I'm too mature. Or maybe I'm not tolerating. I'm tolerating it through writing and releasing the tension.

And wtf is this person putting their own food in my space of the fridge? Just because I'm super organised with a manageable amount of veg doesn't mean someone else can invade my space.
When the other residents were still here, we were saying that if there's someone else's food in your place, you have the right to eat it... But since it's been less than a week since the new people moved in, I decided to put the food in the space where there's similar food. The food that was in my space was pastry and coke. There was the same package in the lower shelf and that shelf was full-ish but there was still space to put both pastry and coke so I stuffed it in there. I think it's important to correct this kind of annoying habits earlier than keeping silent and bitch about it on my blog.

I seriously hope these fucking people learn how to live or at least look after the kitchen properly. I now realize how well previous people got along. I miss them so much. :(

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