Wednesday, 28 September 2011

LGBTQ group

Meet and greet was on Tuesday. I went 45 mins late because I had to register before going there. When I finally went, they had changed the room... Double booking. Typical British error. Anyway, it took about 10 mins to find the real room. When I finally got there, they were reading out jokes. I didn't get most of them. I couldn't get into other conversations either. Everyone was talking and I found it impossible to cut in, if that's the right expression. There were moments where I thought I could say something but my mouth refused to move. Then some of us moved over to the bar and talked some more. I just went for the sake of going. I didn't talk then either. Not the best impression. But at least I smiled.

Today was Arts and crafts lunch. This was more relaxed. I talked a little bit. It was easier to say something because we were drawing. Distraction helps a lot. There were more people than yesterday. But I talked with some people who came yesterday because the table was long. There was a guy who looked just like Adam Lambert. Nice. I think I saw someone who is FTM but I didn't talk to them. I think I did better than yesterday. :)

Also, I might make an appointment with my doctor for depression. I'm finding that having fun during the day makes me depressed at night. He should be able to help.

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