Thursday, 8 September 2011

You know you deserve to be arrested when... start obsessively googling the teacher's name.

I'm going to miss all the teachers now that my English course is over. :'(
We are getting our reports tomorrow.


  1. Cheer up! They are not going anywhere. Exeter can't be that big of a place! Will you stay in that dorm or are you off to regular classes and another dorm?
    I've been a busy little beaver usual. I have written 12 chapters of a new textbook and have started using it in class to see how it works. It seems pretty good. Maybe I can publish it. Ndie would love that! Maybe they would give me a new chair or a bigger desk!

  2. I have a 2 week holiday until foundation course starts on the 26th. I'm staying in the same room until next June. Thank Gaga I don't have to deal with all the acommodation caos that the others had to go through.
    How is your text book special?? So curious as to how you write a good text book. Not like the other stupid books......