Thursday, 3 February 2011

Reading and Understanding

I was reading a book that my dad bought me like 10 years ago. A Dr Dolittle book. The vocabulary is easy but the content wasn't amusing to me. So my mind wondered off like so many times it has when I'm reading. I started thinking what it means to be able to read and things you read actually goes in your brain. My eyeballs follow the line and I understand the words. But I'm not sure I understand the whole thing. Sometimes I have to read the sentence several times to understand it. I forget what it said in the beginning of the sentence when I'm reading the last part of it. Am I just lacking in concentration or am I dumb or something? I'm not even sure if I understand what understanding means.

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  1. Don't worry! I do the same thing! If something is not interesting or well-written our minds tend not to focus on it. Instead, your subconscious mind is thinking of other things like the carbonara or they guy from Harry Potter....

    As for jobs....don't tell anyone you are leaving in the summer. It's just a part-time job and I am sure they are not paying you what you are worth nor are they providing you any benefits. You are a disposable worker and that is a disposable job.