Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Queer Muslims

I watched a documentary about transsexuals in Iran . I know that homosexuality is "illegal" in Iran but I didn't know about trannies. Apparently, surgery is OK because it's only a change. Like, changing flour into bread is the same as changing genders. I thought that's a very "unique" way to interpret sex change.
But in the documentary, being a obvious trans person attracts attention and has trouble for acceptance. I guess that's universal...

Also, I watched a documentary on Gay Muslims. Being a double minority must be very hard. The struggle must be beyond my imagination. I agree that only gay Muslims can really understand other gay Muslims. I'm so not a religious person and I just can understand why someone would want to keep believing a faith that rejects a part of their identity. The same can be said to gay Christians and other religions.
Adnan Ali (who kind of looks and sounds like Adam Lambert, I might add.) is apparently the first gay Muslim activist. I thought it's great that there is someone who stood up for both what he believes in and who he is.

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