Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sports Day

I was so pissed off today.

I had learnt from last year's sports day that it's wise to put sunscreen on and wear sunglasses when you have to sit outside on a sunny day. I should do anything to not expose myself to the sun. Sunburn kills!

Today was very sunny and hot sports day.
So, obviously, I put sunscreen on and brought my sunglasses.
We had the opening ceremony, I did the first game (two teams had to pull poles in to our territory-I couldn't even TOUCH the poles! The others were fast! Not that I, went back to our waiting place. I took out my umbrella and wore my sunglasses.
I was just sitting there, minding my own business.
Then, who should come but the most talented person in pissing me off-my class teacher, Mr K.
He was coming to chat with the boys. I saw him coming but I was looking at the people who were adding up the points.
He saw me and a second later, he said, "Hey take your sunglasses off!"
I did as I was told thinking "oh here he goes again..."

But my friends who were sitting next to me said
"WTF!?!?!? Umbrella is ok and sunglasses are NOT!?"
"I want to ask him when they banned sunglasses."
"There are teachers wearing them, so why can't students wear them?"

I was listening to them complain more than I would. I didn't think they would because I thought I was the biggest Mr K hater.
The situation was unreasonable for the non-haters, apparently.

Maybe he was jealous because I have a little more brain than other people and learnt from last year's experience and he hasn't learnt the same thing even though he has attended far more sports days than I have.
Maybe he was jealous because I looked good wearing the thing. (I know this because the girls told me that I looked good-they even took pictures of me!)
Maybe he thought I was just trying to be cool (which is SO not the reason why I was wearing them-I was trying to PROTECT MY EYES FROM THE SUN!!!!)
Maybe he thought it was overpowering because wearing sunglasses isn't-I think-very common in Japan. (what a pussy)
Maybe he's just a big weenie.

Whatever his reason was, I was pissed.
So what did I do after this?
Well, I tried my best to help the others (who are more "valuable" than me because they are going to a Japanese university) and made a shade for them with my umbrella.
This is because Mr K told me before the summer holidays that I should do anything to support the valuable people until we graduate.
Which is why I clean the blackboard after every class and take the trash out.
I think I'm doing my best.
I hope he's satisfied.
Because I'm beginning to get paranoid that I'm not doing enough.
Which is the way I am sometimes.
Which causes me to feel worthless sometimes.

It's good to get that off my chest.

Sports day ended early than planned because so many students got hyperthermia. Even the ambulance came.

What I thought of today-I was happy to come home early.


  1. Holy crap! They are so stupid sometimes! Many teachers complain about my sunglasses too but they do it in the usual Japanese way...."Oh, you look scary!" or "You look like mafia!" And I always have to explain to them that blue eyes absorb a lot more light than their beady little black eyes so the bright sunlight is painful to me. That usually shuts them up.
    I stopped caring what Japanese people think a long time ago and I advise you to do the same. You have to obey the school rules but other than that just forget about it. You are going to the real world soon enough and these knuckleheads will still be "living" in their fantasy world. Just have some for pity them as a species that will soon be extinct. The fact that he would say that the people that matter are the boneheads going to a Japanese university is laughable. I hear over and over from past students that the only thing that they do at uni is club activities. Very few study in the same way we do in the West. How many students fail at university in Japan? NONE! Either they all must be super-clever or uni is a joke. Since this country is a complete mess I guess we know what the answer is, right?

    I find that the best revenge is to become really successful and then come back to NichiDIE in a few years and lecture the SH class and tell them the facts of life. Then you can enjoy seeing Mr. K shit in his pants! Write a book about your experience here and make money from your troubles. That's even better revenge!

    Don't go to too much trouble for those boneheads. They don't appreciate it and will soon start taking it for granted. My wife tells me the same thing. She is Japanese and knows how these knuckleheads think. Look how they responded to an assignment to write two, one-page essays. Disgraceful! I spent about 90% of my time preparing innovative classes for them and look how they respond! So, do whatever you want to help them but don't go overboard. Be an asshole sometimes when necessary. They will respect you for that.

  2. I will be an asshole when necessary.

    What a good quote!!