Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Geez I thought I brought enough queerness to the classroom and dudes STILL make fun of any act that's gay!?
Yesterdays thing wasn't even REMOTELY gay. This guy (who's always made fun of because he's a nice person) was just talking to the guy behind him. And the people who think they are cool made fun of that and then said "Not that I'm making fun of your lifestyle" and sniggered.
I FUCKING HATE THESE STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! They think they're so cool and do stuff that makes them SO uncool. >:(
I wish girls would bump them saying "I'm sorry, I'm gay" in a really sarcastic way.
Maybe that could be a way to teach homophobes a lesson...


  1. In T3-5? I never realized there were cool people in your class!!!???? Who are these "cool" kids?

  2. I'm not saying they ARE cool people. There are people who THINK they are cool. Like the dude who laughs a lot during class and the one sitting in front of me.

  3. Just follow this example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pKXMcfx1d8

  4. Haha thats a very peaceful way to be violent!!!