Thursday, 9 September 2010

Best Maths Teacher EVER!!!!!

The maths teacher (Mr Idetsu) who has been teaching us since last year is AMAZING. I'm realizing how talented he is as a teacher.

First of all, the way he teaches is perfect. It's like impossible to NOT understand (at least I think). He explains every little thing and even the things I find obvious.

Last week, we had a day when we had 3 maths class. I was nervous about this because I knew we were going to study something which looked really difficult when seen on the text book. I had to read through before going to school. Although I tried to figure out what the hell the text book is trying to say, I didn't have a clue. This made me even more nervous. Seriously, look at this!

This was what I was trying to figure out. So I was nervous before class.... Mr Idetsu must have graduated Hogwarts or somewhere magical! He demonstrated the process using a really simple graph and just like that! I understood! But then he said "I know this is a long formula but I what you to memorize it."

Holy shitttttt!!!!!!!!! I'm crap at memorizing stuff!!!

He continued, "I'll show you the way to memorize it." Professor Dumbledore of Maths did it. He taught us a really easy way to memorize it! Yey!!

That not all that's great about him. He provides us with the right amount of questions, first simple, gradually raising the level. At the end of the 3 lessons, I was so happy that a) I understood it, b)I can use it, and c)I have such a great teacher.

The other day when I had to go to the court house for my name change (I'll write about that later), I went to school late. I missed some classes-including maths.

In the next maths class, Mr Idetsu reviewed the entire thing! I mean, he nearly always does a quick review but in that particular class, he explained thoroughly what they had learned in the last class. And in the end of the reviewing, he asked me if I understood!!!

He never gets too pissed off when the dude who's always sleeping during class can't answer a question. He stays calm and explains. Maybe that's spoiling him but it impresses me.
He asks a question to the right level person. Not always but he asks the bright ones a more difficult question and the ones like me who are not so good gets the easier ones.
He gives us exercise questions every morning. Even on days when we don't have maths.

I can go on with this list!

The point is, I've never encountered such a talented teacher.

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