Monday, 4 October 2010

It Gets Better Project

I heard that in that someone called Dan Savage started It Gets Better Project for LGBT Youth. It started because six gay kids have been reported that they have committed suicide in September. There are probably more than that but hasn't been reported. Dan set up a YouTube channel so that people can post videos about their experiences and say things will get better.
It's nice to see that so many people are speaking out. I think it helps a lot.

All this is happening in the US.
What about Japan? Japan has the fifth highest suicide rate in the world according to wikipedia and probably loads of kids (including me) have committed/attempted suicide because they are gay or trans or whatever.
I just did a brief search on YouTube about LGBT and all that comes up are recorded TV shows or stupid fake gay porn.
It's interesting that although Japanese people use the Internet like Americans, we don't use it wisely...


  1. Japan has the highest suicide rate in the developed world and the official numbers would be even higher if they could find all the bodies that go unaccounted for. Just like the missing obatarians...don't trust any official statistics here. They are all bullshit.
    People don't use the Internet wisely here because they have never been taught to think nor to evaluate any information critically. Look at your class.....they are supposedly the best and the brightest but is it really true? Are they thinking seriously about anything at all? Do your classes address any serious issues? Do TV programs here address any serious issues?
    Even comedies in Britain and America address serious issues in a humourous way. Some dramas, like THE PRACTICE, are actually educational.
    What do we get here? Silly voices and cutesy bullshit and everybody afraid to tell the truth.

  2. i guess i have to be the first Japanese to make wise tranny vids. But after the next test is over!