Friday, 23 July 2010

My Family Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I told my parents about the name change. My dad said "Yes, your name is super inappropriate for someone with your condition." They are the best! So now we are going to move towards changing my name legally to Shane. I'm so happy.
I sent the speech contest scrip to my grandma some months ago. It needed courage because I thought she was a "traditional" person who always wanted me to be girly wen we visited her and I didn't know how she would react to a script that says "I am a bisexual transgender."
I got a reply from her the other day.
Every time I get a letter from you I think "my, she writes a jolly good letter." Thank you so much and for enclosing your speech. You will notice I have put "she writes." It is automatic for me to do that. I do admire you for being so open about how you feel. It must be difficult for you, as it is for your family.You can be quite sure that we love you just the same and will always stand by you.
...I love my grandma.

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