Tuesday, 27 July 2010

All I Want In life is to be Happy

It seems funny to me

How fucked things can be

Every time I get ahead

I feel more dead


  1. You should relax more! Aren't you going to Thailand next week? I am stuck going to driver's school to get my ogata license. It's only about 1000 degrees and in two days I have lost 3kgs just from sweating and I have 4 more days to go! By the time I finish I will either be dead or look like a raisin. And it is a typical Japanese test....nothing meaningful just lots of silly memorization and laughable obstacles like riding your bike on a narrow (20cm wide) balance beam for 10 seconds at the slowest speed possible. This is real useful for those "frequent" occasions where you decide to ride your bike on the train track rail!!!!

  2. Even if the test isn't useful, the training(?) is good for you!! Can't wait to see your new bike!