Friday, 25 June 2010

Summer is not hot

NO I don't live in the Southern hemisphere. It is getting hot outside. Sensitive teachers like to turn the air conditioning right up and for students who sit under where the cold air comes out, it is torture.
We had IT class today and as we went into the computer room, nearly all of us gasped "God it's freezing in here!" I don't know how clod it was but it was obvious that it was too cold. Nobody could be bothered to change the settings and I was practically rubbing my hands though the 55 minute class. When the class finally was over, I rushed out the freezing room. I could feel my body was cold. It was a relief that the next class was PE (basketball) and I warmed up.

The teachers are still in the discussion about whether they will allow us to take off our ties during the summer. The teachers who are against it says if students take of their ties, they wouldn't wear the uniforms properly. Fear enough, many students wear their uniforms badly. Wearing it badly means mini-skirts, wearing the trousers baggy, shirts hanging out. But with people screaming "Stop global warming!", it only makes sense if they stop using the air conditioning so much.
The people who say "Turn the air conditioning on!!!!" as soon as they come into the class room is the ones who are so goddamn sensitive.

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