Saturday, 12 June 2010

School Festival and Other Shit

First things first. I won the Speech contest and got a big ass plastic trophy and a pen and a certificate. I will move on to the next level-speech at Tokyo.

The next big thing is that I registered to a Child Sponsorship run by World Vision. It's a program to help children in poor countries by sending money monthly. What's exciting about it is I get to write letters to the person I'm helping! I may even get to meet them! Maybe that's what I'll do during the period after I graduate high school and before going into university. I'm excited already.

I found out about this because there was a booth and a talk during the school festival about children in Africa. I was really honestly sad to realize so many very young children live difficult lives. I don't want to be someone who talks about war like my crazy weird "friend."

I'm getting really annoyed by him. I have to stick with his bullshit racist talk until graduation because I have lunch with him everyday.

Yesterday, he said "I saw the Australian English teacher just now. I wonder why he's here in Japan." It didn't sound like he was wondering out of curiosity. It was like "why the hell are you in MY country? Why don't you go back to Australia?" So I said "Why don't you just ask?" although I knew he wouldn't because he never talks to someone who is not Japanese. Anyway, he went on and on about why the teacher lives in Japan and I got so fucking irritated so I said "That's not your fucking business! Now just SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

...OK maybe I didn't say "shut the fuck up" but I got the hell out of there. Jeez. He's hopeless.

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  1. Congratulations on your award! That's fantastic!