Sunday, 20 June 2010

Marriage, Devorce, and Happiness

I've been looking at gay family blogs and the photos of them look so happy (check this out. They made my heart warm). This is only my assumption but maybe gay couples appreciate their marriage more than heterosexual couples because it's only legalized in some areas and don't take it for granted. I'm not saying that family blogs of heterosexual couples aren't happy. So I decided to find out if my assumption is true.

Divorce Rate in Same-SexPartnerships In Sweden says that
"between 1995 and 2002, there were 1,526 gay partnerships contracted, compared to 280,000 for heterosexual couples."
"The survey revealed a high rate of legal divorce among homosexual couples in Sweden. Gay male couples were 50% more likely to divorce within an eight-year period than were heterosexuals; and lesbian couples were 167% more likely to divorce than heterosexual couples. According to IMAPP: "Even among childless households, same-sex male partnerships experienced almost a 50% higher likelihood (1.49 times as likely) of divorce during the study period, while childless lesbian couples were three times as likely (200% higher likelihood) to break up as a married couple without children.""

...hmmm. Maybe it's like that because there aren't many gay marriages compared to heterosexual marriages.

According to another website in the Netherlands,
"Between April 2001, when gay marriage was legalised, and December 2003 there have been 5 751 gay marriages and 63 divorces, according to figures gathered from city registers.
In the same period, there were around 243 000 heterosexual marriages and 2 800 heterosexual divorces in the country of 16 million. "

So the divorce rate of gay marriages was 1.095% and that of straight marriages 1.152%. Oooh. Just a slight difference... But WHATEVER!!!!!!!!! GAYS BE GAY (in a happy way)!!!!!!

And not to forget the trannies. There must be problems if a transgender person wants to get married. This is about whether the person can change the gender legally.

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