Monday, 21 June 2010


OK so I was pissed off with my racist friend and I was ignoring him for a couple of days. However, I came to think that ignoring wouldn't solve anything so we talked it out. He seems to understands now that China and Russia won't start a war against Japan because one of my cleverer friends gave a good reason why they won't (Japan imports a lot from China and Russia and if they start a war, it won't do good for them).
So that's done (although there still are problems about him like he doesn't listen to what I want to say and likes to go on and on about black people).
There's a girl in my class who seems to be starting to notice that many of her girl friends are not being friendly to her. I think the fault is hers because she's getting more and more selfish. She doesn't come and clean the class room when she's supposed to and looks like she's thinking only about her own studying and helping out others is less important.
Everyone is under pressure this year because it's the big year preparing for the entrance exam for university. She's not the only one.
I just hope I'm not that kind of person.

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  1. Based off your previous posts, I don't think you're that kind of person at all. You have such a kind heart!