Thursday, 6 May 2010

War Theory

This guy in my class has a ...uhh... unique theory about the military.
"If the food in the country tastes bad, then their military is strong."
He says that when the soldiers get back from war, the food served there will not be good. So, if they are used to eating disgusting food, they will not be unhappy about it and will be able to fight in the war better than the soldiers who eat delicious food all the time.
In my opinion, that theory is a pile of bullshit. The definition "delicious" is completely vague and he said "delicious for Japanese people." ...Japanese people aren't in the military of other countries' are they??
He likes to talk about war and foreign countries. Everyday at lunch time, he says "Let's talk about war." He really says that. I'm not kidding! I'm like (here we go again...). It's always the same topic. "What if a war starts between China and America?", "I think Bulgarian soldiers are strong," "Which country do you like?" etc.
When he asked the last question to me, I said, "I can't say which country I like because I don't know every single country in the world and even if I do know, I know just a part of the country. If I actually go there, I may get a completely different impression about the place. I can't decide whether I like the country based on just one aspect." That shut him up. I said," So, which country do you like?" and he said, "I can't decide because...." and he repeated what I said! :-p

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