Sunday, 9 May 2010

Going Crazy (Again)

OK... Confidence Crisis. I should have studied properly last week but I didn't so I'm in this state again. The test is in 2 weeks and I have to figure out how to understand every thing by then.

Does every high school student stay at school to study till 8:30 or is it just us? The class after school (4:20~8:30) is so long and difficult (because it's for students who want to go to Tokyo Univ) and I don't have the time to do the general studying (like reviewing the days' classes). When I get home at 9pm, I have dinner and wind down and by the time I get round to studying, it's like 11:30. Well, I can get on with stuff between 9:00~11:30 but still. I will tell the teacher that I want to quit the "class after school" thing tomorrow.

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